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What are our goals?

Reconciliation and Encounter

The idea at the beginning of CORE is to reconcile people by allowing them to meet each other and discuss. By offering young people from France and Germany the possibility to meet in Normandy, the scene of one of the heaviest battles of Second World War, the founders of our association wanted to help eliminate predjudices and to establish personal relationships between the two countries. This goal is visible in the activities of groups staying at our centre and in the way our association coordinates its work.

Europe and exchange

CORE was founded under the ancient name CCOJ (Centre Culturel et Oecuménique de Jeunesse, Cultural and Ecumenical Youth Centre). By changing the name into "CORE" (Ecumenical Centre for European Encounter), we want to express that Europe cannot exist without making people from different countries meet. It is our conviction that if Europe is only built at Brussels, it will never be filled with life. Our centre in Coutainville wants to be a place of exchange which gives evidence of a living Europe - a Europe for people.

Ecumenical Exchange

There is another encounter which has played an important role in the development of our association: encounters between different confessions. The members of our association show this quite clearly. The basis of our work for CORE is the conviction that faith dies when it is not shared, but that it establishes links stronger than all human borders if it is shared between people.


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