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At our centre and in Coutainville

Le Centre With our big volleyball ground, you can easily organise volleyball and badminton competitions. There are also table tennis facilities. We have a new television set with video recorder (PAL/SECAM) and French, English and German programmes. Behind the centre, in the middle of the racetrack (horses, no Formula 1!), are basketball and football grounds. Also in the vicinity: tennis, golf and riding.

The beautiful beach of Coutainville and the excellent quality of the water invite you to spend the day at the seaside. Our partnership with the Club Nautique d'Agon-Coutainville makes possible a number of water sports, such as windsurfing, 'char à voile' and sailing. These sports are also possible off-season.


The surrounding region

Set on the Cotentin coast between Mt-St-Michel and Cherbourg, the CORE is in an ideal situation for exploring the natural, architectural and cultural riches of lower Normandy. We suggest several excursions:

Le Mt-St-Michel / St Malo

Le Mt-St-Michel - Huisnes-sur-Mer - St Malo

The journey from Coutainville to Mont Saint Michel takes approximately 1h10. Visiting the monument (guided tours in French, English and German) takes 2h. Afterwards, you can visit the German cemetery Mont d'Huisnes which is situated a few kilometres from Mont Saint Michel. After visiting the cemetery, you could have your picnic! In the afternoon, St Malo is waiting for you with its old battlements and forts. The journey from Huisnes-sur-Mer to St Malo will take you approximately 1h10 in the coach. On your return, dinner will be waiting for you...

Le Mt-St-Michel

Le Mt-St-Michel

Bayeux and the D-Day landings

Bayeux - Arromanches - St Laurent - Pointe du Hoc

On this excursion, you will discover Bayeux with its beautiful gothic Cathedral and - of course! - the tapestry. Probably produced in England before 1077, the tapestry depicts the Norman conquest of England on 70 metres of pictures with Latin commentary.
In Arromanches, you will gain an impression of the allied landings in Normandy of June 6th, 1944. Walking along the coast, you can see the remains of the artificial harbour which the Allies built within a few days.
The American cemetery of St-Laurent-sur-Mer is only a few kilometres from Arromanches. 9,384 American soldiers are buried here. You can also visit the American cemetrey of St-James and the German cemeteries of Marigny and La Cambe. The Pointe du Hoc, an important strategic point covering Omaha Beach and Utah Beach, was taken by the soldiers of the 2nd Ranger Bataillon on June 6th, 1944. The soldiers ascended the cliff (30 m high) under German fire. The site is almost in the state in which the rangers left it after their departure.

The Caen Memorial

The Memorial in Caen is a real peace museum. In several areas, it offers a view of the events that preceded the Second World War, of life under occupation in France, the D-Day landings, the battle of Normandy and reconciliation between enemies. For a visit of this memorial, you should plan enough time for your group to "dive into" the perspective the museum offers.

For your excursions, we will help you to find a coach if your coach does not stay in Normandy. We will also help you to negotiate the price.


There is also a lot to discover near the Centre: For example, Château de Gratot is only 7 kilometers away. This castle was partially reconstructed and preserved by young people from all around the world.
If you like cycling and have bicycles (bicycles can be rented in the area, but to do so is quite expensive), you could go to Château de Pirou and to Lessay (approximately 20 km). There is a beautiful romanesque abbey in Lessay. You can also visit Coutances with its park and the beautiful gothic Cathedral.

Le Château de Gratot

Le Château de Gratot


Chapel During August and July, a service is held in the Protestant church every Sunday. There is also a Catholic chapel.


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