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Replacing the old building 'Les Glinettes'

In order to improve accommodation at CORE, we are planning to replace the building "Les Glinettes". This house currently offers accommodation for 16 people. We would like to replace it with a new building suitable for handicapped people. As soon as plans for the new building are ready, you will find more details here.

Les Glinettes

The house "Les Glinettes", with the volunteer workers from Mülheim

To realize such a project, we have created a fund "building for the future". Part of the result of our association has been put into this fund. As we are a non-profit organization, this project cannot be achieved with our own means alone, and we will need help. Your donation to CORE is tax deductible in France and Germany. If you wish, your donation will be mentioned on our website. Here is all the neccessary information for making a donation:

If you pay per credit transfer, please let us know, via mail or by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , your name and your address and whether you would like to be mentioned on our website.

In France

By cheque

to CORE under the following address:

34 rue Eugène Maës
F-14000 CAEN

By credit transfer

Crédit Agricole Normand
Place de Gouville
F-50180 Agneaux
Compte no 16606 10064 04370023000 74
IBAN: FR76 1660 6100 3304 3700 2311 112

In Germany

Please look at the pages concerning the Association of Friends and Donators of CORE. Your donation to this association is tax deductible in Germany.

Other Countries

Please have a look at the information for France.


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